Aggerating Data

Basics of how my app works:

I created an app where team members can submit a request for approval to dispatch a technician to a customer location. Once the Technician is done repairing the location, him/her will fill out a form with the repair notes. Also in this app, it shows all the customer locations.


Now that I have 6 month’s worth of repair notes, I am trying to have those notes populate under the customer locations as repair history. I haven’t done any leg work to attempt to figure this out because I figured someone may already know how to make this happen. Last time I spent 3 days trying to figure something out and someone solved my issue in 10min here so I’ve learned to ask a question here first. Basically, I want to click on a customer location and see the repair history form forms submitted by the technicians. (Just certain key information)

app help

One way :
1.In the locations table , customer location should be set as key column.
2.In the repair table , customer location column should be set as REF and IsPartOf locations table

Appsheet will do the rest.


Thanks for the information, worked like a charm. Watched a few videos and read through the information provided from the link.

One last question. I have been spending time trying to figure out how to have select certain column instead of referencing all the columns. I only need key information to be displayed. Is there a way to achieve this? I am still researching but haven’t had any luck yet.

I think you mean you want to display only some columns from the child table showed under the location.

If that is the case , they are autodefined as an inline view, you can find your child inline view in the UX , and set there as you like the columns to ahow and their order. Rest of the columns are still referenced,but hidden in this view


You are awesome! I just noticed that I greatly messed up on my grammar.

Ok, this time really, this is the last question:

I have all the data referenced to the correct locations.


I am fine with the user being able to view and add additional information but I don’t want the user to have access to edit submitted information. I attempted to find this information on my own but no luck. Is it possible to remove the edit feature? or remove the pencil icon so the user cant edit?


Hi @Batts,

You should be able to “Uncheck” the “Updates” button on the Table definition. This may mean that you have to have a copy of the app with Updates checked for any power users that should be able to edit. One version for regular users and another version for power users.

BTW: You probably want to uncheck Delete also!



Man, you guys turn hours of research into minutes. TY for the information. I got everything set up the way I need.

Thanks alot!