Aggregate function, rounding problem

There is a table that users fill out using a form. When filling out, users also need to see the percentage of entered data (Allocated field) in relation to the required total amount (To be allocated). I also display the total percentage, which in the end should be 100%. I show this total percentage using Group Aggregate -> Sum: Allocated and in most cases this function works fine. But in certain cases, for example, when the total amount is divided into 3 parts, in the end I get not 100%, but 99.99%. If we increase the number of decimal digits from 2 to 10 for Allocated Field, then I can get desired 100% in the form of 100.0000000000%, which is unacceptable (need to show only 2 decimal digits). Is there any kind of workaround to get 100.00% instead of 99.99%

Thanks in advance for any advise or solution.

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Thanks for the answer, but this solution doesn’t help. Before saving changes of the “Decimal Digits” property from 2 to 0, Appsheet really shows 100% in the preview, but after Save, it shows 99%

May be worth engaging on this. I’m not sure what else to try. :frowning:

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@Yurii_Kondakov , I discussed about this internally and I’m going to change this as a feature request as we discussed via support.

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