Aggregates In my app, I have a view that sho...

(Aaron Moolb) #1


In my app, I have a view that shows a list of related things with an aggregate to SUM the Quantity column of those fields.

Here is my issue, My view only shows 5 in-lines rows and now my aggregate only does a SUM on those 5 instead of all related rows.

I know the obvious fix is to increase my in-line rows to 10 or 100. Not an option in this instance. I need it kept at 5.

Is there a work around or another option?

(Grant Stead) #2

Why not just have the sum as a virtual column on the parent?

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #3

Like @Grant_Stead says, put in a virtual column to do the calculation.

SUM([Related Quantity Column])

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

The most effective way to calculate the sum from related records is SUM(SELECT([ListOfRelatedRecords][QuantityColumn],TRUE))