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We all need to breathe and feed ourselves … almost anything can happen in our lives but food can never be in short supply.

I propose this segment as farmers:

  • They are generally very distant and the cell phone is the most powerful tool
  • Manage inventories, make purchase orders, schedule tasks and tasks, follow-up on machinery maintenance, irrigation, humidity, temperature, wind sensors … etc
  • Statistics of product, input and service price markets
  • Offer temporary, specialized and scheduled work
  • They photograph insects, pests and situations in search of literature or help

This profession and life story feeding and helping us grow are generators of a tremendous amount of data, especially the comparison with past seasons … the future of artificial intelligence will definitely sooner or later be very focused on keeping us fed.

I open this segment because I think we are very focused on fast consumption, which is good! but Appsheet seems to be a concrete solution for them. With some help, interconnection between users and supply and demand, we will all benefit.

Interesting you would post this, as I’ve been working with a client for over a year now that’s been saying the exact same thing. They run a third party farm inspection service, where they go out and investigate various different fields for farmers and growers, on an industrial scale, collecting pest trap counts, field observations, soil samples, moisture and weather data… All that good stuff.

Last year we worked closely and prototyped an app that would simplify the field inspection process. This year we’re working on expanding that to create a platform that others could make use of.

Perhaps you and my client should talk, you both share a common vision and might be able to help each other.

If you’re interested please email me at and I’ll make an introduction.



Thanks for your message… My email it’s always good to share different or similar points of view.