AirBnB clone

I’d like to create something similar to AirBnB with this platform.
The app would need to deploy on iOS, Android and as a web app.

The app would consist of those that host and control their own schedules and clients that book appointments.

Has this been done before?

Thank you!

AppSheet works with iOS, Android, and web browsers. You may want to make a “public app” of the type described here:

I would recommend that you write to sales ( for confirmation about what AppSheet can do and how much you will need to pay.

Hello @Kirk_Masden
I’m afraid in case of major aspects, a Public App is not suitable for what @Stanley_Lu is trying to create or imagine of. Regarding the current data and the foreseeable expansion of data growth, he will definitely need Cloud SQL and in terms of host and user security he will need something like an OpenID (or AWS Cognito or similar) user authentication gateway as by nature he won’t be having a full command on users’ cloud account associativity. I’m not aware of his expectations or area of use, but this will need a good amount of CapEx investment from the beginning.