Airtable field type "link to another record"


Airtable has a field type “link to another record” whose values isn’t coming into Appsheet. Is there a workaround for this?


Hi @Billy_Sheng! Is the record of reference by chance on a blank table in Airtable?

Hey Jennifer!
It’s populated, but with the field type “link to another record” this is what it looks like from the airtable side.

And on the app side, the only data type that generates any data is ENUMLIST and it displays something like this:


Otherwise it’s blank.

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Any word on a solution to this?

@Harry I saw you were called the local Airtable expert. Do you have any insight on this issue? any field in Airtable that is a dropdown list that populates from another table or a field that references another table shows up in Appsheet as “System.Collections.Generic.List”

Thanks for your help. This is a make or break for my app!.

Hi Ross,

Currently there are some limitations on how Airtable handles integrations. One work around has been creating two columns in Airtable. (One with an reference to Appsheet, with the other being the column with the value that Appsheet can edit into)

We will give you an update when there is more information.


@Billy_Sheng, @JCadence
Hi, I also spent 3 days just to find a solution and work around but it doesn’t work.
Has there been any update.
I asked someone from Google to help, he said to import ALL other tables from AIRTABLE and link them with “ref” but didn’t work. (even when the linked field is the primary key)
If anyone knows, please help~~~