AirTable security filter requirements


If you desire to use appsheet security filters - e.g. compare the current email user to a column called “Owner”, the following will fail:

[Owner] = useremail()

like so:

And the following will succeed:

ENCODEURL([Owner]) = ENCODEURL(useremail())

like so:

(in the above example, the current user is allowed to see three rows, although there are five total)

This is because appsheet uses the airtable API for reads/writes and we need to URL encode email (most likely the at sign)

Just FYI!

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You have filed this under Tips and Tricks but I would argue that this should also be under feature request as we should not need encodeurl() unless we are exporting values out of AppSheet.


Maybe it’s both. :slight_smile: Under the current setup, it’s a hack that works. At the same time, it’s a hack that I hope will be rendered unnecessary by improvements in the platform.

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