AirTable was unable to process the request. Y...

(Torstein Andreassen) #1

AirTable was unable to process the request. You might be illegally modifying auto-computed cells in AirTable…

Someone who has this issues? I have not change anything after the Appsheet auto-generated the app. I can do update, on exisitng data, but not add new one… I have not changed the airtable columns either

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

It looks like one of the columns in AirTable is auto-computed. it should be marked as “Read-Only” in AppSheet. The auto-generation may have missed that — but you can change it explicitly via the Data -> Columns editor pane.

(Torstein Andreassen) #3

@praveen Thanks! Will try and see if that helps!

(Torstein Andreassen) #4

@praveen I tried your solution, but I noticed that I dont actually have any columns in airtable that is auto-computed…hmm. I might have had auto-computed columns before, but changed it later on. Could it be that the first time you import airtable data (meta data) it does not update this information later on? Maybe a re-sync of some kind is missing, and I have to start all over again?