+Aleksi Alkio Consider my sheet structure a...

(Rajaah Dhananjey) #1


Consider my sheet structure as shown in the pic. A set of questions and its details, one set after another. The question will have Y/N and the other details are just text/images. I have already created the table and the corresponding forms in appsheet and they work flawlessly.

My question is about generating reports. I want to generate a report as a table form. With my current ability, I can simply list out the details of all sets in the tabular format as shown. What I want to do is to only show the sets for which my answer is “N”.

If I use two ifs, one for Y and one for N (If it is Y, I will show nothing and if it is N, I will show the text), I would get a blank row right?. Is there a way to remove the blank rows?

Otherwise is there a way to

conditionally change the background for that row if the answer for the question is N?

Pics attached for reference.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

@Rajaah_Dhananjey, I would not structure the data this way. Instead, I’d have just four columns in the table and one row for each question.

Now this will make your life easier when it comes to reporting. You set up a slice that filters out the N answer rows.

Then your report can have a <Start:><> structure to loop over the contents of the slice and print them out in a table.

The report template will be compact and this design is better for the app logic as well.