+Aleksi Alkio I understand that UNIQUEID() au...

(Oluwole Akindoyin) #1

@Aleksi_Alkio I understand that UNIQUEID() autogenerates an 8 length id, can I edit it in such a way that I have an user defined identifier before the uniqueID, For example: 0001_UNIQUEID(). How can I make this happen?

(Fernando López) #2

Explain what is the use case of this?


Rather than just UNIQUEID() could try:


Or… use a virtual column as a counter and do Concatenate([counter],“_”,UNIQUEID()) CONCATENATE - Docs editors Help support.google.com

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thanks guys @Mike_Adler

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@Fernando_Lopez, I am doing this so that every uniqueID generated can be identified in case I need to generated unique for more than 1 system. So 0001 means system 1 there will be 0002, 0003,…