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Hi!, I have a deck view with Primary, Secondary and Summary column, but it truncate the text, logic. (image 1) But when I see it in a wider screen Iwould expect to see the full text but it keeps align the text to the right and truncate it (image 2). Even if I use tablet or desktop screen.

Is there a way to fix it? align the text to the right, so when I see in bigger screen see all the info?


That location of the deck view has a hardcoded size limit regardless of screen size. The only thing you can do to fit more characters there would be to either make your font smaller or choose a more condensed system font.

Thanks, I know it is designed mobile first, but I think this is not as responsive as the AS team says, because it is exactly the same content that you see in any device.

Hope they can fix it! : )

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If tablets and desktop screens are going to be a regular way for users to access this app, I would consider switch to Card view instead of Deck. My reasoning: The Deck clearly works (in general) for you on the smaller screen based off the information you have visible. On the wider screens the Deck view has a lot of whitespace, which is fine if you were throwing a chart or inline view in it. Cards can stay compact regardless of screen size. And most of the Card text spots don’t have any character limits that I’m aware of.

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