Aligning Icons with Format Rules

I have 3 format rules that apply to a column with an order ID with 4 numbers. As the order (order id) progresses one format rule adds an icon. Then the 2nd format rule adds another icon. Then the third and final format rule adds the 3rd icon. But as you can see from my snapshot, there is no set padding between the icons and the order id and it looks rather messy. Notice how 3090 does not align with 3115 and 3125 right above it. Any suggestions.

See snapshot.

If you use Inline Action buttons, there will be reserved space for all of the icons. You can control their visibility per record with a display expression. They will be clickable, but there are a few options to make them not actually do anything, like a “Group” Action with nothing in it.


I add a virtual column and I put my inline actions on it. See screenshot below



@June_Corpuz I made two test inline actions testAction1 and testAction2. How do I add it to my virtual column?

Go to your test Action1 and test Action2 and change “Attach to column” to the virtual column that you made. And add the virtual column at the beginning of your table view.