All Picture columns give error - Data too long for column


So I haven’t opened my Appsheet app in a while, but now when I open it and try to add a new row, I get this recurring error :“The insert/update operation attempted to write data that was too large for a column in your MySQL table. (error details from database provider: Data too long for column”

It does tell me which columns are giving the issues, and it seems to be all the columns where a picture or a signature datatype is being used. If I change the datatype to text in Appsheet, then it works, but obviously that is not the desirable solution.

For reference this feature did work perfectly previously, so not sure why it’s struggling to save pictures all of a sudden.

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated, Thanks.

Go and test SQL table/column settings.
On your image fields, change column type on MySQL to something like varchar(255) or text type.