All pins shown on XY map instead of 1 related pin

It’s just happening now. Instead of showing a pin having a related XY coordinate, AppSheet shows other phantom pins from all maps. This’s happening in every app.

Noted that no changes in any apps.



Also, I’ve noticed that the phantom pins are not responding to finger-taps/mouse-clicks that normally opens a brief related detail at the bottom of screen(mobile)/right-side of screen(window browsers).

This is a big problem making some apps unusable.

Further observation is that this problem happens after I open a view that shows all pins (over 1,000 pins from over 1,000 rows) in a map. If the tables/slices have about 600 rows for 600 pins to be shown on a map, there’s no problem.


Please contact for help with this.

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Hi @Swoopy what was the answer from support?

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I’ve got a replied email from the support team saying they’ll investigate the problem and contact me later again. Then about a week ago the said problem seems fixed. However there’s still no further contact from them. I’m not sure if they’ve finished the solution yet so I’ve not come back here to give further information or say thanks to them.

In brief at this point, I’d say that the problem was fixed and thanks AppSheet support team so much for hearing our pains.