Allow all Number/Decimal configuration options when used as Base type for Enum

I want all of these options:


…to be here as well:

Alternatively, provide “Dropdown” and “Button” options for a Decimal/Number Display mode


Seems like something so elemental one would expect it to be there by default, voted ! upvote party parrot party parrot


I agree. I personally consider these as bugs. It’s not a functional bug

(EDITED: Oops! I didn’t realize this was posted, I was mid-sentence. I would have gone on to say…)

… but an oversight/inconsistency bug. Whenever a certain functional aspect is dropped into another area of an app (the editor in this case), there should be some adherence to consistency. Otherwise, there could be different treatment of the same data and could surface visually in the app - which is a no-no! :slight_smile:

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How about the same notion applied to all of the Types? Maintain consistency in properties between the Primary and Secondary Type lists - where appropriate. And make sure they show up when the Type is selected so we don’t have to Save and then come back to the column to finish editing it! (HINT: Enum/EnumList with Ref Base type)