Allow Detail/Form views to stretch to full browser width

When using apps in browsers, Detail and Form views appear to be restricted to a set maximum width. This is fine for most fields in the record, but when you have horizontally scrolling inline views of related records, it doesn’t really make as much sense. Can we have these views stretch to the full width please?

Posting again in support of this feature request, as I’ve had yet another client asking if a detail view could be full-width of their PC/browser window.

This seems to be a duplicate feature request also (?) :
Optionally change the width of detail view to fit with screen size

The best is when you’re on an ultrawide monitor, with a deck view that has icon and header 30" away from the lone action button all the way on the right… with NO padding… Then you click on that and get taken to the detail view/form view that is only 5" wide… Maybe, @morgan for your consideration.

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