Allow other values in a Valid If enum

Do apologize than @Belinda, I might have missed it in the beginning. Sorry if I have pissed you off with insistingly replying the same way :slight_smile:

Not at all, I was mainly frustrated that I couldn’t seem to get my idea across. Your sample app helped a lot in understanding that something about the settings in my app was different, and that I was missing something.

Thanks again! :smile:

You’re welcome @Belinda, truly my pleasure.

Hi LeventK,
Do you know where are stored all data added by the “+” ?


In your base gSheet for sure

I just want to thank you for this little tip, I had been scratching my head for nearly an hour trying to figure out why my lists were doing this. All sorted now… (pun intended) : P

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I have an enum field. I put the values in suggested values but I don’t have that option to add a new value. Any suggestions?


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Got it. Thanks. The add looks different probably due to an update. However, once added, I don’t know how to delete it. It’s not saved on the table so I can’t find it. Can you help?

I don’t understand. Could you elaborate?

On my table I have 3 choices. I connect my main form to this table using Emmy. It will show as a drown down. I put in the suggested box so I can add to this list. I can add it on the app itself but it doesn’t add to the spreadsheet. I want to delete the new choice but it’s not on the spreadsheet so I can’t find it. I’m not sure where it’s stored to delete the new option.

Try setting Allow other values to OFF, save, then turn it back on.

When I use Valid IF. The coloumn is hidden from form view. It was working fine. I checked everything. But I am not able to figure out exact issue.

The behavior you describe typically occurs when the Valid if expression produces an empty list, which tells AppSheet there are no valid input possibilities for that column. In such a case, AppSheet will hide the column because there’s nothing the user could enter that would be valid, so why even allow the input? Check your Valid if expression.

I know that problem of this topic was solved but I’ve probably similar case and cannot reach the result.

My column is type EnumList, with multiple choice where I defined suggested values with select expression on the another table column. These are ordered jobs for that item. And it works well.

But I need to show on that list also another, neutral value e.g. “NOT ORDERED JOB” in order to be eventually marked by the user. It should be always visible (even if the list of suggested values is empty).
I have added value “NOT ORDERED JOB” in Type Details, as a value, but I cannot make it visible on the list.

My configuration:


Independently of a different configuration, I don’t see the fixed value on the list. I don’t want to let add any other value. Only suggested values + value from a Type Details…

You’ll have to include the value in the Suggested values list explicitly:


You then won’t need to define the value in Type Details.

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That works, thank you, Steve!

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It works like this for me
IF([columvalue]=0,LIST(“g”, “h”),LIST(“n”, “m”))