Allow to select which inline views to be used in a detail view

It will be a very handy feature allowing to select which inline views to be used for each reference list in a detail view.

In some use cases, the current behavior of allowing to use a single inline view is not flexible.

If you need a different inline view, you can:

  1. create a slice of the data
  2. create a table view of that slice
  3. create a new VC in the parent table with the appropriate ref_row() expression to reference the slice (see the auto-created one for an example)
  4. edit the detail view of the parent record to show the new VC instead of the old one.
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Thanks for the suggestion.
Another concern I have is that Appsheet will pick the last table view added to the reference menu as inline. If the author is not aware of the behaviour l, it leads to unintentional change to the view.
Ability to lock down inline views will help to avoid some confusion.

I agree. There should be a selection per table and per slice for which table view will be the inline view.