Allow user input in an IF scenario or similar

My app has questions along the lines of:

Have fees been paid? Yes/No

Followed by another question:
How much? Price

I would like the second question to default, or change, to zero if the answer to the first question is “No”, or allow the user to input a $n.nn value if the answer is “Yes”. (More info - If the answer to the first question is “No” it would also skip the second question but I don’t have a problem with this bit.)

I’m thinking of a scenario where the user accidentally answers “Yes” and types in an incorrect amount >0.00, then realises they’ve made a mistake and changes the answer to “No” but forgets to update the amount field to zero.

I’ve tried putting an IF formula in the App Formulae field but when it didn’t work, realised this “Computes the value for this column INSTEAD of allowing user input.” Basically, I would like it to compute IF then zero else user input.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

The approach described below is a workaround and not exactly the behavior you want but closer. Please explore if it helps.

Suppose [Col1] is the column with display name “Have fees been paid?”, Y/N type
[Col2] is the column with display name “How much?” Price type.

In [Col2] settings , please have

Show_if constraing setting -
NOT( AND([Col1]=FALSE, [Col2]=0))

Valid_if setting -
OR(AND([Col1]=TRUE, [Col2]>0), AND([Col1]=FALSE, [Col2]=0))

Invalid value error setting -
IFS([Col1]=false,“The how much column needs to be 0 for your above selection of fees not paid”, [Col1]=TRUE, “The how much column needs to be filled in with fees paid”)

Initial value setting -

It will not reset the value to 0 automatically but will alert the user in both cases when Y or N is selected to field appropriate values and will hide price column [Col2] if [Col1] response is N and [Col2] is 0

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Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar. That’s a good workaround.