Allow user input on virtual columns (trigger workflows without changing real data)

This is super important for many reasons:

  • You can finally have workflows be triggered without having to actually change data.
    Right now we have to either edit a column and reset it back to it’s original value or add a separate column such as [trigger] to accomplish this. Both approaches are very dirty and unneccessary.
  • You can finally start to do magic such as converting a price float (2.10$) to integer cents (210), because you can use the virtual column for input and have an App formula on the real field that converts

Because current Virtual Columns are re-calced on each Sync, I wonder if maybe a completely different kind of virtual column would be better - a non-calculated, in app only kind of virtual column meant only for temporary usage within the app session.


Yes Virtual Columns that are editable, but more or less used as internal variables. user controlled filters, user settings, etc. That way we dont need to have to create specific sheets to hold variables etc.

Move app formula into physical column.
Then update that field through workflow/action combination or action alone. Once this physical fields value change, then fire the action to do whatever we want.

Technially, we can do the same, i.e. the change in VC to fire the workflow/actions as we want.

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Sure, but this is super dirty in my opinion and creates trash information…

I’m super clean enough

ya, doesn’t seem necessary at all. Then virtual columns are just real columns? They’d be identical

There is a tremendous difference between persisting data to the Database vs. just having an input field that you can use. Right now we are still forced to make physical changes to the database in order to trigger any Workflow. That does not always make sense.

For example:
You want to generate a report for something.
It is completely unnecessary to change data in this case. Just give me the report.

Also, there are times that third parties are connected to the table and adding a column is not an option.