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Allow user to add additional entries to form: Hello all. I’m trying to build an activity reporting app. Is there a way to allow the user to add another entry in a form before they submit?

The Maintenance Request sample app provides almost everything I need. However, in my case, I want to report multiple types of activity. Could I allow the apartment owner to fill out the basics of the form, but submit 1 or up to 5 (maybe more) issues at the same time? I’ve looked through sample apps, documentation and other questions in the community, but can’t find what I’m looking for. The user experience in the Maintenance Request would be to pick the apartment number, pick an Item needing repair and add description and picture. Then there would be a button or option to add another Item needing repair and fill out those same 3 fields again. Instead of a button, if they just click a 3rd option at the bottom (cancel, add, next) that would be fine, too. In that case, add would open another page in the form to get the 2nd item, then 3rd if they choose, etc. In the spreadsheet, I can duplicate the Issue, Description and Photo multiple times to handle the additional input, but I don’t want to clutter up the form with 5 available entries if they only want to enter 1 or 2.

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Try using isPartOf feature.

Check this app

You can make 2 tables to do that. One to record some basic query, the other to get details of issues. Table 1 will be reference to the Table 2.

Nested forms - How to use nested forms

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This looks like just what I need. Thanks!