Allow users to share access to specific rows/tables they own

Hello there, I’d like to have specific views/lists that are user owned (i.e. personal list of contacts) and create some sort of means for users to share that list with eachother.

The setup:
So basically I’d have a dashboard view, with a panel containing a drop down menu which filters (using a slice) the rows in another panel.

I’d like an action that allows users to select other users to share these lists with.

If someone gave you access to their list of contacts it would appear in the drop down (In the previously mentioned dashboard), and could be selected/accessed.

What would be a way of doing this?
My first inclination would be to make a separate table with partitions for each user, and the table would specify user access to an associated table (i.e. personal contacts)

Is there a better way to accomplish this? Can this be done on a per row basis?

You can do this with views, slices, security filters, and/or partitions. Views and partitions would not be suitable for per-row access control.

Dear Steve, Please let us know How it is possible through Security Filters, to restrcit some users to specifc view, not allowed them to access all views in an APP.