Allowing to setup the Date Format for the Apps

We struggle with the dates because Appsheet uses mm/dd/yyyy but in my country the norm is dd/mm/yyyy, that’s why we would love to be able to setup our date formats for reports/notifications/UX with a format that we can feel certain won’t create issues (like dd-mmm-yyyy).


AppSheet inherits the locale settings of the mobile device or the browser. But you can create your own data format with a simple concatenation:


If you change the locale setting this problem is best solved.

Be sure to change the locale in the app setting as well as in the source data.


Change the locale setting in your app and also the source data. Problem can be fixed

The problem is mainly on the notifications/actions sent via email. In this case, the Locale Settings doesn’t do anything for me.

It would be lovely If I could do it from the App’s setup, so it would keep the format regardless of the user’s device’s settings.

The concatenate doesn’t solve for the format: dd-mmm-yyyy, i would be forced to dd mm yy and having to process a huge amount of date fields, and the modifying all the reports.

My request if to make it more seemless :slight_smile:


You can set the CONCATENATE expression in another way to handle dd-mmm-yyyy format:

CONCATENATE(RIGHT("0" &DAY([DATE]),2),"-",SWITCH(MONTH([DATE]),1, "Jan",2, "Feb",3, "Mar",4, "Apr",5, "May",6, "Jun",7, "Jul",8, "Aug",9, "Sep",10, "Oct",11, "Nov","Dec"),"-",YEAR([DATE]))

Hi @LeventK Thanks for the workaround. I guess I would have to create virtual columns jst for these dates in the right format to be able to use them in my Reports/Workflows .

It would be great if Appsheet could let me choose how to display dates regardless of the users’ device (for the sake of data integrity and normalization).


You don’t need to have a virtual column. You can use the expression directly in your Report Workflow