Alpha-numeric value

I’m using a ref table for a contact field. When I go to select the contact from the referenced menu, I select it (in this case the name of the contact) and all appears to be OK. However, when I then go look in the DB to see why another view has not updated with new information from the corresponding record I just entered, I see that it isn’t pulling that new/updated information because…instead of the referenced contact being listed which is the identifier for the subsequent view, it is reflecting an alpha-numeric value, e.g. B41701DB. So the other view doesn’t recognize that and the update isn’t made.

Any insight as to why it dispenses that alpha-numeric value even though I successfully found the contact in the referenced DB? Thank you!

Subsequently, I’ve tried it from some other views…using the DB as ref for the contact selection and it’s inserting an alpha-numeric value.

What gives?

When using Ref columns, the key column value of the referenced row is what is saved (those alpha-numeric values), but the label column value is what is displayed. This is how Ref columns work.

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