Alphabetically Sort a Ref List I have a Comp...

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Alphabetically Sort a Ref List

I have a Company Records table, Company Trades table and Trades Table. They all have unique ID columns CompanyRecordsID, CompanyTradesID and TradesID.

Data entry sequence is:-

(1) Add new company (2) Assign trades to company (available trades are sourced from Trades table)

All works fine except when I want to assign a new trade to a company the ref list displayed from Trades is in the order the records were added to Trades which makes little sense so I would like them to appear alphabetically. Is there anyway of doing this?

My Trades table is very simple and only has two columns namely TradeID (key) and Trade (label) . I want to alphabetically sort the ref list display based on the Trade column. To date the only way I can do this is to sort the data in the actual source data table. This is not a workable solution as users will be free to add Trades via AppSheet so I cannot maintain the source data.

Any ideas please?

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Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar used your expression above in the form substituting actual column names as

=ORDERBY(Trades[TradesID], [Trade], FALSE)

Problem resolved - thank you for your help.

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Hi @StudentHomes_Plymout, You may wish to enter the following expression in the reference column’ s valid_if constraint

=ORDERBY(Trades Table Name[Trade Table Key Column Name], [Trades Label Column Name], FALSE)