also have one question. I Hi All, thanks for ...

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also have one question. I Hi All, thanks for hearing my question. I have an appsheet app running pretty smooth, but an essential part is push notifications. I have created a column whose numerical value changes based on today’s date, and use this column to trigger a workflow rule, ie when the column has a certain value, send a notification. I test the calculation it is good, and I send from the test page and it is received. But when I manually cause the value to change and then sync, no notification is sent. Is this because of my current free plan? Should the above start sending messages if I upgrade? I see this text from appsheet site

“Workflow rules are triggered when data is updated and synced. For example, you can send an email every time a user creates a new entry. Requires a PREMIUM secure plan or a PUBLISHER PLUS public plan.”

Will my current set up work as soon as I upgrade the plan? Thanks for the help,


(Philip Garrett) #2


Do I understand correctly you want to send an email 7 days after a specific column value changes?

If so, I would do the following: 1. Add a ChangeTimestamp column that is updated when the column you are monitoring is updated. When the monitored column is updated, the ChangeTimestamp column will

be updated to contain the time the update occurred. This allows you to capture the change time. 2. Add a slice that includes only those records having a ChangeTimestamp value exactly 7 days in the past. 3. Add a Report workflow that specifies that slice name in the “ForRowInThisTable” property.

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Have you checked the Audit History as described here - Troubleshooting Notifications

It will almost certainly tell you what the problem is. Troubleshooting Notifications

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Phil — could you confirm — do we only send push notifications once the app is no longer a prototype?

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Sounds great. You may need to do some tweaking to cope with time zone offsets depending on when the Report runs, but the approach will work.

(Mark Penfold) #6

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks Phil, unfortunately the only data in audit history is a bunch of syncs going back 24 hours. Below this it says “Please configure your account settings if you want AppSheet to maintain more audit history.” I haven’t configured yet as still in trial mode. I will configure and see what it says, Mark

(Philip Garrett) #7


Hi Mark,

If your app is not yet deployed, then the notification will be sent to the app creator.

The notification should be sent regardless of which pricing plan you are on, including the Free plan.

Because the Audit History is the best way to diagnose workflow issues, I suggest: 1. Doing an update through your app that triggers the notification workflow.

  1. Wait up to five minutes to give time for the audit log to be written. (We group the audit writes and then write the result to the audit history periodically to reduce overhead; hence, the potential delay before audit records appear in the audit history.) 3. Check the audit history and look for the workflow rule audit history record.

This should tell you what your notification workflow rule is doing.

Please let me know what you see.

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Will do, I’ll get back to you, thanks

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@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Hi Phil, followed your advice and I when I update FROM WITHIN THE APP, the workflow works fine and is reported in the audit history. I guess my problem is that I have created a column whose numerical value changes within the spreadsheet based on today’s date, and I use this column to trigger a workflow rule so a notification is sent prior to a certain date. Because TODAY is not updated FROM WITHIN THE APP, I get no activation of workflow. The column is updated within the spreadsheet as the date changes but this is not passed on as a change to the workflow rule. How do I solve this? Thanks, Mark

(Philip Garrett) #10


As you discovered, Change workflow rules only fire if the add, update, or delete goes through the AppSheet app.

Would a scheduled Report work for you? You could configure the scheduled Report to fire at a specific time. It could include the rows that contain the value you specify in your date column.

(Mark Penfold) #11

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks Phil, sorry this is proving complicated. I am trying to send an email reminder 7 days after a user induced action (which causes a column in a certain is row to update). A scheduled report seems likely, but if I configure a daily email, which is then conditional on my column having a certain value for rows of a certain table. But the condition “[Alert Calc] = 0” refuses to recognize my column “Alert Calc” even though the same formula works in a workflow rule. What gives. How can I set up this notifcation spaced a number of days after a certain action? Thanks, Mark

(Mark Penfold) #12

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Great, I think I have it! The column I am changing is a date so I just use this column in the slice and that slice in the report. Seems to work fine, I assume by setting the update time for daily at midnight it will check the condition and deliver my reminders first thing each day if necessary. Thanks for the help