Also unregistered users


You can create an App for Access of unregistered users.

In my app I control access through registered users; these users can make modifications to certain fields.


How to make external people and they can see the content of the App ?, that is, they are not registered users of any kind. Only users to view the content as any app or web.


You can’t have unregistered and registered users within the same app. It’s one or the other. You could make 2 different apps that use the same data sources.

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Thanks for the help,

If I thought about that solution, I copied the App that I have, but after copied I try to access the app from the administrator and it shows a blank page.

But thinking that this little problem is solved.

  1. The first App would be for registered users.
  2. The second App would be with free access ?, that is, it is not necessary to access with data.
    With a Free Plan for this type of user, would it be enough?