Alternative Order Capturing

Is there a way to use a card view for order capturing?

I am developing a inventory management app for my warehouse.

The product list is in the card view organized by category.

In place of a drop-down search, is it possible to use a card view that is identical to the main product list as a way to select items to add to an order.

Other than the view type, the actions for the cloned view would be made to function for order capturing

Essentially I want to be able to add items into an order by selecting the items as if I were scrolling through the main product list card view.

I hope this makes sense. I am trying to minimize typing and small touch inputs as gloves will be a factor in the usecase. The card view allows large enough surface area for touch input without out sacrificing too much of items that fit on the screen at once

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Hey @marhearn, welcome to the community.

First: you might check out the following post; it’s full of tons of helpful tips to help you get stared with using the community to find answers.

To answer your question

  • Yes, you can create functionality that would allow you to use the card view to add items to an order.

To demonstrate how this can be done, I’ve taken my Looping w/Actions sample app and converted it into a “Shopping Cart” style order builder.

The resulting sample app can be found here:

This build made use of the “Looping with Actions” sample app as a starting point; you can find that app here:

—| Disclaimer |—
This app merely demonstrates the functionality of how to create this sort of “global” functionality; if you intend to use this in any actual capacity, you’ll need to make further additions to the app. For example, this app has nothing in the way to differentiate one user from another - so multiple people cannot use this app at the same time. Perhaps in the future I’ll make follow-up videos showing how to do just that. :wink:

-----| Table of Contents |-----
00:00 - Intro
01:06 - Answer to post
02:00 - Overview on process
06:01 - (((BUILD))) - Starting from Action-Looping sample app
06:46 - Clearing out the looping-stuff
08:05 - Creating [Order_Status]
09:37 - Clearing out (more) looping-stuff
10:49 - Clearing out the database
11:34 - Building_Orders (Slice)
12:12 - Building_Orders (View)
13:33 - New_Order (View)
15:30 - Products (View)
16:28 - Add New LineItem (Action)
19:27 - Product view event
20:35 - Building_OrderDetails (Slice)
22:35 - Formatting Rule
25:22 - Duplicate catching
28:34 - Tap - this product (Action)
30:24 - Duplicate confirmation text
31:27 - Order completion button
32:25 - View Product (Action)
35:59 - Troubleshooting action order-of-operations
38:31 - Why the “Building Order” view goes blank upon completion
39:30 - Last little bits



here is few other ways we can try to achieve the same.

Here is another way. This input() feature is still in beta stage. Maybe this is simpler way once we have it in place.


I think the beauty of the AppSheet platform is it’s flexibility; there’s at least 4 different ways to do any 1 thing.

Once the INPUT() functionality is expanded to include the background record creation action type, this method (as opposed to creating the record, then executing a brute-force lookup to try and find the record you just created) will save on efficiency in multiple dimensions.

  • Here’s hoping for a smooth rollout of this new feature!
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