Am fairly new to Appsheet want to remove this...

Am fairly new to Appsheet want to remove this warning

Table ‘Sheet1’ has an implicit (RowNumber) key – if multiple users insert or delete entries concurrently, data loss can occur. Updates may apply to the wrong record or could fail entirely on some data sources.

Have tried several suggestion but in vain any one who can help?

Got it thanks

Hi @leonard_njururi, The message means that you need to set an explicit key for the table that uniquely identifies each row in the table. I request you to go through following article to for overview of the concept of table keys. - What is a Key? What is a Key?

Hey, I am getting the same error, its been whole day I ve spent brainstorming this, could you please help?

You must mark a column in that table as the “key”


@FREDY_ORTEGON, @Suvrutt_Gurjar, I’m at about my wits end with not being able to lock in a NEW key and get it off the _RowNumber that keeps automatically switching back to that as the key. Is there something that may be formatted in a different table that is causing the _RowNumber to be the default? Thank you!

If inside the table you always create a column called “id”, the appsheet must place this column as the primary key and its initial value will be “uniqueid ()”

My guess would be that you’re marking the new key column as not-editable, or have put a expression into the App Formula field instead of Initial Value, or have it hidden and without any Initial Value.

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Or your desired key column has a spreadsheet formula.

It looks like I had some formulas in the XLS that I had built prior to re-engaging this app with AppSheet., which AppSheet didn’t like. I copied all values in the XLS and pasted them to clear out the formulas, regenerated in AppSheet, and then keyed the formulas in AppSheet. That seemed to allow me to appropriately designate key/labels columns without it defaulting out.

Does that sound right to you all?

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Yep! :slight_smile:

Winning! Thanks a bunch.

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