Am I Confused About the payment plans? I have...

(Shaun Pritchard) #1

Am I Confused About the payment plans? I have an app that I am building only about

10 people will ever use it internally for my company. but I Need my brand on it and the ability to put it in the app store to load it on my personal devices. I don’t want to use the app sheet app as the loader for it??? just 1 app?? Would the secure Pro plan work for that??? it is a simple app that will use very little data. ???

(Shaun Pritchard) #2

Also what happens if I dont use the app will I still be charged ever month to use the app after its in the app store??

(Santiago) #3

Hi Shaun. Yes. You can use the Secure PRO plan to self publish a an app to be whitelabeled and published in the app store or distribute internally. The minimum number of licenses is 10 so it fits your needs.

In terms of the subscription, you purchase licenses based on the number of monthly active users of your app. At this moment AppSheet doesn’t increase or decrease the number of licenses based on usage, this is something we are considering for future updates but for now you need to update the number of licenses based on the usage of the app.

(Shaun Pritchard) #4

So If I buy the

secure Pro Plan I can

get my app to the app store and am limited to 10 app correct? Because the way it reads it seems as though I would have to buy user licences for the secure pro plan meaning I would have to buy 10 subscriptions of the secure plan???

All i need to know is if I but the secure pro plan if I can get it to the app store and on my devices

Also What is the limit of users for secure Pro Account, And if later on I decided to make more apps Then is the option to upgrade available to public Pro? Thank You. I will move forward with purchasing the the secure Pro plan.

(Shaun Pritchard) #5

And So let me also confirm Using the secure pro version limits the AMount of people who can use the App?

(Shaun Pritchard) #6

OR do I get charged

or have to pay for the app that I put in the APp store for every device it goes on do those apps have to have to pay??? this really confusing?

(Shaun Pritchard) #7

You need at least 10 Secure “Pro” licenses? So I have to purchase 10 licences

for my one app in the app store??

(Mary Jane Pender) #8

Hey shaun, email Ryan at .

He will answer all your questions about the AppSheet Plans.