Amazon new No-code tool - Honeycode

Amazon to release the new tool which will stands as competing one with Appsheet.

Appsheet should be well-ahead against those emerging new tools, but should be cautiously watched how they are. Unable to say black and white stuffs for comparision, unless we carry out hands on testing of new tool.

Status : On watch


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Every single cloud seems to have their own…
Google - Appsheet
Microsoft - PowerApps
Oracle - Apex
Amazon - HoneyCode

Fun times…



They’ve obviously been very busy behind the scenes to get it to such a professional-looking and functional level, prior to launch. The competition should be good for Appsheet, hopefully spurring Google to invest heavily in the platform.


I looked into honey code yesterday, i believe that they launched their service too early just to get it out, though some features are very nice ( allowing a form to fill multiple tables ) they are still way way behind appsheet. The question now is how fast will they catch up.