Amazon SES API with Webhook for Email Notifications

Any success stories of implementing Email Notifications system using AWS SES?

The following article I found described the steps and seems doable, just curious if this solution is effective and not too robust:

I am not sure I understand the use case. What is the difference between sending via SES versus sending via Gmail?

Hi Bellave, the question is only about using Amazon SES API through AppSheet webhook - I deleted irrelevant info.
The idea is to use AWS SES to handle a large number of daily email notifications ( approx 10K).


Not Spam, these are the customized email notifications about any status change sent within the app with a large client database.

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Wow! Color me impressed!

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It’ll also remove the powered by appsheet situation.
All fine and doable… Not sure exactly what the question is?


The question is it a good idea to use AWS SES API through the webhook:

  • to handle large number of daily email notifications (up to 10K)
  • to avoid Gmail Daily Sending Limit of 2,000 messages

or AppSheet Email Notifications feature can handle this?

I have never seen any email limits posted by appsheet, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist…

SES should be fine though


Have you checked these? I believe even with SES, 10K daily is a little bit pushy