Amount of parts from a selectable list

Hello community!

I have a form in my app in which service technicians choose from the list of parts that they replaced in the bike (screen 1).

Is there any solution for them to indicate how many parts they replaced? Sometimes it happens that they will replace, for example, 2 tires, and unfortunately they can only choose one from the list :frowning: It’ll be awesome, if they could choose the number of parts replaced.

Please help :heart:

No. I had this with one of my clients who wanted to tick off the number of items fitted. You cannot do this with just a ENUMLIST column if you need to also specify the number of items.

You’re going to have to store these in a subtable with Part name and number as seperate columns


Thank you for your answer! It is a shame that this is not possible :(. I’ll be trying to get around it somehow.