An Unknown Error Occurred

I have one user receiving the following message when signing in on tablet - any ideas?
I did some changes overnight to the app design so i thought it might have to do with that but appears other users are working fine. they uninstalled and reinstalled, tried via another iphone and still having issues…help please!!

Hi Robert, could you give us the OS version of the iPhone that you are using the run this app?

Hi Harry, sorry I got more info…the user is using a Samsung s8+ (Still chasing the os) and got the error message, then they tried to use another login on the same phone and it got the same error message. They then logged in successfully under an iPhone with no troubles.

I have one other user having difficulty as well so I am chasing down phone details

Hi Harry, have this error as well - any idea why?

Hi @Robert_Tooze It looks like you have duplicates in your key column. Check out this article about keys.

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Thanks Lynn - i took a crash course in keys today - OMG sounds simple now but when you change one little thing you can sometimes set off an avalanche! Thanks again - helped heaps :grin:

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Outstanding catch, Lynn!

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