Analysis Of Sync Time

I want to reduce the sync time for my app. How can I get to know which tables, images, formulae are responsible for increasing the sync time? Specifically, is there a tool in the app editor that can provide the breakdown of time taken by the app to perform different functions?

I’m curious… did you search the documentation at all before posting? Or the community?

Because (as the person that’s answered this question… maybe 7 or 8 times (literally) in the community) the answers are out there.


@MultiTech_Visions nice collection of resources that you curated there!


Yes I had read some of the articles. But could not find out how I could get details about the time taken by the app to perform different functions.

Moreover, @MultiTech_Visions being part of the Appsheet community, you should have answered in a more professional way.


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confused parrot party parrot



This is an ironic statement.


It can get a little frustrating sometimes when I see the same questions over and over, and it doesn’t seem like people gave the search feature of the community a go (which can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack sometimes) - or searched in the documentation, which I know can be overwhelming (or even confusing at times) - but imagine how frustrating it would be to see 500 people asking the same questions (when they’ve already been answered time and time again).

I can get a little :salt:salty :salt: sometimes, I do apologize if I upset you in any way.


It’s all right. I will definitely consider going through the documentation and community threads more often.
I am just a beginner who wants to learn.

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