Android App Bundle for AppSheet white label apk to Google Play Store

I’ve uploaded apps to Google Play Store in the past with no issue but recently received a recommendation to use Android App Bundle. Does anyone have experience with this for AppSheet apk’s?

Daisy- I’m dealing with the same issue. I was wondering if you found any answers. When I try to upload my apk it says that I need to bundle it with App Bundle. I downloaded the Android Studio and followed some YouTube videos but I’m in a circle now where it AppSheet says that you should not do the app signing thru google but google says that it must have app signing in order to upload an app bundle…did you encounter any of this?

Hi Bryan, yes I was able to upload the APK as it turns out you can proceed past their “recommendation” to use the App Bundle. Follow the process all the way down the left side menu of your Google Console towards submit.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

So this is what I see…which includes a gray-out “start rollout to production”…makes it seem like I can’t go further without solving this issue. But you’re saying that if I finish up all the other items on the left side menu, I will get to a place of submitting?

Thanks! I did end up being able to roll it out after I filled in everything.

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I was having trouble how to phrase “Just don’t give up.”