Android Shortcut

I have 2 different Shortcuts on my Android Phone.

Some with the AppSheet Icon:

And some without the AppSheet Icon:

The Shortcut with the AppSheet Icon are the newer Shortcuts as explained here.

When I delete the cache from my AppSheet App all newer Shortcut will go away. The older (without the AppSheet Logo) will remain.

Why is that?

Hi Fabian, I’m not sure about this, I think it likely is unique per OS version and device - I’m not able to recreate the icon deletion issue when I clear my app cache on a Pixel Android v10. Can you share your device details and I’ll relay to the team?

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Sorry @Peter I was wrong. When I delete the AppSheet’s Cache, it will not delete the shortcuts. But when I delete AppSheet’s Data, it will delete also the shortcuts. But only the new with the AppSheet Icon.
The older Shortcuts will remain, which is better.
Because sometimes you need to clear Cash and Data. But then you have to create all Shortcuts again. Could we avoid deleting Shortcuts?

Huawei P10 lite
Android 8.0.0

I’m not aware of any way around that when you delete the app data - that’s ideally not something you should need to do frequently, are you doing that for phone performance?

As you can read also here in community, sometimes it’s the only way to get AppSheet run again.
There are several reasons. But it’s not happening so often.