Android Tablet: Capturing Images

Hi all,

Reporting an issue I have been having with a few android tablets. I myself have a iPad tablet and used it to capture images for appsheet during testing. I dont have very much experience with Android devices.

We have a few new users who only have android tablets available. One of these users uploaded a photo that I saw on desktop and it wouldnt allow me to zoom or get a clear view of the written word. I reached out and found out that they had android tablets, which we hadnt been using previously.

I got two different tablets to do some testing and one of them worked perfectly, it allowed me to capture the image, zoom on the captured image on desktop and tablet devices. The only issue was I coudlnt see an image preview - having been on the forum looking at this type of content this has been a previous issue with amongst some.

  • This tablet was Model Number SM-T365
  • Android Version 5.1.1

The second tablet I used had numerous issues. When I went into the form to upload a photo it brought me to the camera (the app built does not allow input from gallery), once the photo was taken and saved it began to sync mid form.

The sync would sometimes present an error message reading “an error has occured”. Once the sync finished it would reload the same form and when you look at the photo input it was totally empty. I saved/ synced this to see if it appeared anyway (like the preview issue).

Nothing seemed to work. I checked the device gallery and the images were present, within a new album called “AppSheet”. These took some time to appear after being taken.

The Model Number is the exact same as the working tablet (SM-T365)
Different Android Version 9

There were some software version differences noted, whether this affects the issue.
The non-working tablet had the following;

  • MDF v3.1 Release 4
  • WLAN v1.0 Release 2
  • VPN PP-MOD v2.1 Release 2.0
  • ASKS v2.1.0 Release 191125
  • ADP v2.0 Release 180525
  • SMR Dec-2019 Release 1

Hope this information is all relevant to debugging the issue, I have also checked the see Appsheet was up to date and all camera settings seem fine.

I noticed some forum posts suggests downloading a different camera app and changing it to the default, however from taking photos in the gallery normally I dont think the camera is the issue.

All help appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

For the one on Android 9, it’s probably a permissions thing for AppSheet. Google changed the way it handles permissions and users must explicitly consent starting around version 9 or so. For the other tablet, it should probably be upgraded to a newer version of Android (along with updating the permissions afterwards if need be). I don’t remember the oldest version supported by AppSheet, but better to closer to the front of the pack than the back, so the speak.

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The older version 5.1.1 has been checked for updates and nothing is coming back to us, is this a new release that we just havent got notice of yet?

Well, seeing as that version of Android came out 5 years ago, and the current version is 10, probably. Especially since it seems to me that if they both have the same model number, they should have both received the updates as they came. So this late in the update game for the tablet, you’ll have to update it manually. Which, more than likely, will wipe all data on it.