Animated Icons

I have been using some GIF here and there in my apps to improve the UI and experiences.

For static icons, I heavily used icon8 and they seems to be launching a set of animated Icon as well.
See the list of some sites and services for those materials (Animated GIF icons) I found useful.


Cool find!

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How do you make this an icon in your app? I know how to add gifs, but not an icon gif…

This is just a normal gif.

But how do i make it an icon? Like at the bottom of a view? Or like you have it as a button?

Ask google search eingine to find your favourite gif. Once you find, mouse over the gif image and right click to get the image url. That s it.

How do you make it a button in your app? Or a icon in the bottom of the view?

Not sure what you are asking, sorry.

Meaning how do you use the gif/new icon to put in my app? I am unsure how to do this in Appsheets. Do you do it here?

Not possible

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Oh. Then how did you make/show that Gif in your original post?

You miss understanding something. That’s is just image (gif)

How are you displaying that in a view?

As I said get URL for gif you want. Then paste to app formula or as column value. Set that column type as image, that s it

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I gotcha, thanks

No problem