Annotate image in same row

Hi Guys.
I’ve stumbled about with this problem for quite some time now and keep coming back to it.
i need to Annotate an image in the same row and save the underlying image along with the annotation (Image fully marked up).

Table: ‘CollectionCheck’
Columns: ID, JobID, ImageExploded, Annotation.

[ImageExploded] (Image) has an Initial value “https//…file.jpg” and loads on a new row.
[Annotation] (Drawing) has an Initial Value pointing to [ImageExploded] and allows that image to be drawn on.
But when the record is saved the underlying image is not saved only the overlaid markup.
I have studied the Annotation example App but it doesn’t help me as I don’t want an ‘Annotations’ table separate to the ‘CollectionCheck’ table.

Can any of you guys help?

Kind Regards