Announcing Dynamic Emails in Preview Program: interact with apps directly from your email

We’re happy to announce that Dynamic Emails are now available for preview in AppSheet. We announced this feature at Google I/O back in May and we’re excited to finally share it with you today.

You can access this feature right now if you are in the Preview Program, and you can provide any feedback in this thread. We’re targeting a full launch for later this year.

What is a Dynamic Email?

Dynamic emails enable users to interact directly with your app in an email rather than clicking out to view the AppSheet app in a separate window.

A demo is worth a million words, so here is a 10-second GIF showing the full experience of a Dynamic Email with an approval flow directly in Gmail:


Without leaving their email inbox, users can view an inventory request from an AppSheet application and approve it directly from the email.

This is the power of Dynamic Emails.

How can I configure a Dynamic Email?

When creating an Email Task in Automation, you will see a new dropdown under “Use Dynamic Email”. This will contain view types that are currently supported for Dynamic Emails. Selecting a view here will embed that view into the email. Once you’ve selected a view, you can also preview it to see what it will look like in an email before you send it out.

And that’s it! When the automation is triggered, recipients will receive an email where they can interact directly with the application.

Sample App

Here’s a Task Manager app that you can use to test out Dynamic Emails for yourself. Simply add a task using “New Task” at the bottom and you will receive a Dynamic Email in your inbox where you can directly update the task status.

If you want to see how this Dynamic Email task is created, check out this sample app.

Notes & Known Limitations

  • Dynamic Emails can only be sent to recipients within your email domain
  • Recipients of Dynamic Emails must be app users to view the dynamic content
  • Recipients that interact with Dynamic Emails are counted towards your app usage and number of user licenses
  • App views in Dynamic Emails will only render for recipients using Gmail, otherwise, the email will contain a link to the app view (Learn more about Dynamic Email support in Gmail)
  • Only Detail and Form view types are supported
  • You can only use this feature if you are using a non-public domain (e.g:,, etc. cannot use this feature)
  • Only certain app, column, and view settings are respected in Dynamic Emails
  • Please visit the Help Center article for a full list of limitations.

As this feature is in preview, it should not be used for production use cases.

We’d love to hear if you have any specific use cases in mind for Dynamic Emails. If you have any other feedback, please do share it in this thread as well!


Hi @Sarmad_Hashmi

Great news !!!

GIF not readable for me, can you check it uploaded correctly ?

Edit : that’s fire :fire: :fire: :fire:
Edit2 : thanks for updating the GIF


That’s really great!

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I just tried using it and it looks like you can’t use any tables with columns that aren’t compatible, even if the form you’re using doesn’t include those columns. It also looks like you can’t use Show type columns which are the only type of columns that can be used in a form to display information. Moreover, if you’re trying to use a slice, you can’t use an event to trigger the email because events cannot be tied to slices. It feels like this would reduce the use cases for this feature to almost 0.

Am I missing something?

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Hi @Jordan_Davis1,

Thank you for the feedback!

We plan on supporting more column types in the future. Based on your feedback, I’ve prioritized the Show type column internally as well.

You should be able to use slices. Even if the event itself is tied to the base table, the “Use Dynamic Email” dropdown should show you all the views that are directly (or indirectly through a slice) based on the base table. For example, in my own app, I have the event listening on the Requests table and a view based on the Approver_Slice which is built on top of the Requests Table.

Let me know if that helps!

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Hey @Sarmad_Hashmi,

I tried it again and it looks like I was mistaken on the Event/slice issue. However, the issue of the supported column types is a little confusing. The error message I’m seeing is saying that the form view I’m using for my dynamic email is not supported because of the ref type and show type columns in the view, but I don’t have those columns in the form, I only have text and enum columns in the form. The underlying table has these types of columns but columns used in the form are of type enum and text.

Does this mean that if a table has any unsupported column types, you would have to create a new slice with only supported column types in order to send a form in a dynamic email?

I attempted to do just that and the email I received had an error message.

Thank you @Jordan_Davis1!

Supporting the column ordering setting for form views in Dynamic Emails is in our roadmap. For now, creating a slice is the best way to exclude the unsupported column types.

I’ll chat with you more directly to learn more about the error message and use cases!

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On our account, we wish to test the feature. I created new app, and turned on preview, but still not able to see AMP on task settings part.
For existing app on the same account, I could see it, so wonder why this happens.

Not exactly sure if this is true, but we need to deploy app to test this AMP feature. On prototype mode, I did not see the AMP, but I deployed app, I see it.

It makes sense to me that this is available for the time being for the app with prototype only, not for deployed app, as this is preview feature, which is not recommended to use in PROD app.

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I see strange error message like this.

After a quick test, we found that the persons who has the same domain as owner account receive the AMP mail, but they are not listed as app users, who are ABLE to edit the data. I believe this is not what Appsheet team is expected and AMP is designed. Just to share what we found.


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Definition of style.

We set enum and placed 2 option items and leave the style to default. On appsheet app, the style is selected by default is BUTTON style. But with the same setting, the enum is presented as dropdown.

To show button style on AMP, we need to explicitly set type to BUTTON

The problem seems to be the inconsistency for the definition for DEFAULT style between app view and AMP styling.



In general, valid if constrain is not working on AMP.

For quick test, we did like this.

On this test, just 2 column. [Status] and [Comment]

Comment is set to be editable with [Status]=APPROVED condition.

It works OFC as expected on app. But on AMP, [Comment] field is always editable.

After selecting view, and hit preview.
new tab is opening , but it is completely white page. nothing is shown.

AMP Email can NOT present email body on mobile app. I m using i phone, and opening up gmail with native gmail app. Loading icon stays forever.



Hi @Sarmad_Hashmi ,

AMP support, thank you!:hugs:

I’m currently checking with various plan accounts.
It looks like the following conditions apply to the accounts that can use this feature, is that correct?

  • Custom domain email accounts that use Google for authentication
  • Gmail accounts are excluded.



When we create the AMP mail out of form view, then we will see “Submit” button at the bottom of AMP email. On opening mail, this button is grayed-out, as there is no pending data to submit.
Once we edit data, then button turns to blue color, to catch eyes of users to encourage to hit this button to save the change.

After the data is sent, this button stay blue, even though we dont have any pending data.

It should be better that the button is highlighed with color only when there is pending data to submit. Currently, it is bit confusing, even though we have the short line indication the data is saved or not.

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I think this is just a bug.

Made a AMP mail out of form view where we just pick up columns only which are supported by the AMP. However, we have image, file column on that table, but those are not on the form view.

Save app, then we see errors, the form view is contaning the unsupported column type, which is not true. We ruled out the unsupported column for this form view by manually order the columns.

To troubleshoot, we need to make a slice where only the supported type of column are included and then create form out of slice or hide the unsupported column on table settings.

The image set to header for the detail is not rendered on AMP email.
The loader is moving, but no image is displayed even after 10 mins.

The same story, image is not displayed when image column is placed inside the detail view body. Loader keeps rollings forever.

Thank you for the detailed feedback @tsuji_koichi! Let me try and walk through each piece of feedback.

You don’t need to deploy the app to see the Dynamic Email / AMP feature. I just confirmed this with an app in prototype state and I can see the “Use Dynamic Email” dropdown after opting in to the Preview Program. It looks like that after enabling the Preview Program, you have to refresh to see the feature. I’ll see if we can make it so you don’t have to refresh.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this specifically but I recreated the same error in my monitor app after the automation ran by adding an invalid character in the email, so will look into it. Did you see this error after the automation was initiated or after you saved in the app editor? It looks like you were able to bypass this error?

This should only happen if you have granted access to the app to all users in your domain. Could you confirm whether this is the case? If this is not enabled and users in your domain still see the email, I’ll take a look.

Thanks for this feedback! Dynamic Emails may not support all settings in the app yet but we will continue to track these requests internally.

So, dynamic emails will not work exactly as they would in an app due to restrictions / limitations in Dynamic Email. We try to get as close as we can to the in-app experience. In a Dynamic Email, when a valid_if or editable_if condition is not met, we show an error like this under the relevant input:

Let me know if this works for you! We will continue to refine the experience.

Thank you, I was able to reproduce this and will look into it.

I’ll look into this as well, thank you!

I’ve filed a request internally to update this behavior.

So not all view settings are supported yet for Dynamic Emails but supporting column ordering for form view to address this type of use case is on our roadmap.

Is it only the image that does not load? Does the rest of the detail view in the email still load?
If so, do you know if the image is accessible directly through a URL? I’ll reach out directly to learn more about this.

Thank you again @tsuji_koichi, your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Hi @Takuya_Miyai!

For the first point: You can use any authentication provider for your app but the Dynamic Email content will only render for recipients viewing the email in Gmail.
For the second point: Yes, accounts (and any other public domain accounts) are excluded from using this feature.

Let me know if that helps clarify!


I have some ideas on how to use this

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