Announcing Dynamic Emails in Preview Program: interact with apps directly from your email

Hi @Sarmad_Hashmi thanks for your feedback.

My further comments here.

I could not reproduce your case. We always need to deploy app (and revert back to prototype) to get AMP settings visible for edit. Nothing to do with refresh browser, it did not help.

It was single occassion where I see this error, not able to find a way to reproduce. Once I encounter the same error, I will report back to you.

We are not registering any other user apart from app owners who are able to access to this sampe testing app. But when we sent AMP mail to my collegues with same domain, they are able to app data from AMP body, again, he is not listed up as app users.
In the meantime, this test app is set to “require sign in”

Thanks for looking into and hope it will be corrected.

Only image is not displayed, while the other text base column is rendered. For this test, we are using URL to reach to the image which is avaiable to the public. Just i copied image address from google search result and pasted to the app data base. Image is displayed within App, but not on AMP body.

Hope this will help.


This is not a error report, but kinda of feature request.

For the moment, AMP only works when the domains matches with app acccount owners, as well as email is served by G Mail.
We are assisting clients who are large enterprises where they have multiple domains under their ambrella.
So the guys in main office does have , and satellite office does have, but they are managed under the single Google Workspace enterprise account.

To send AMP mail at once to those who have different domains, we need to create the multiple different app , which is in reality not making sense, and this is limitting the usage for AMP feature for those enterprise customers.

All in all, we wish to get AMP feature to become capable to send mail to domains which is under the same Google Workspace account as I illustrated.

Thank you.



Currently, REF column is not suported (in the further we hope it does).

Enum (or Enumlist) base type is set to REF is tested. As assumed, it is not working neither.

I hope both Ref/Enum(base Type Ref) would work in the future, thanks.


I see appsheet as a way for small to mid sized businesses to have their own computerized solutions, i understand that appsheet wants to make money, but why not do it in the google way?
Why limit AMP to users only? Why limit us to non gmail users? You could charge us by usage, set a daily/weekly quota. If i have to pay for a user i might as well give him an app.

Please look into that


I have an app that requires user sign in and has an approved list of users. Wouldn’t it make sense to allow ALL of those users to process Dynamic Emails? Without that ability, this cool and helpful feature would be useless since it couldn’t apply to all of my users.

  • Dynamic Emails can only be sent to recipients within your email domain
  • Recipients of Dynamic Emails must be app users to view the dynamic content
  • Recipients that interact with Dynamic Emails are counted towards your app usage and number of user licenses
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Thank you @Sarmad_Hashmi for this cool feature. I would really like to use it, but my recipients are part of a Microsoft Domain.


I don’t think there is legitimately reason to always display those items, i.e. Terms, Privacy, Licenses, we wish to have option NOT to show those at the footer of AMP mails. I dont think it is harmful by having this links, but better to have option to hide those not to confuse the app users.


In addition to Valid If constrain, we wish AMP mail coud work syncronously as Editable If setting for the column.
On the surface of the app and column which is set to editable on certain condition, the field input is completely not editable, as there is no data input form, unless it become editable with the certain condition.
On AMP mail, it throw the error when we push data into data field input form which is actually NOT editable.

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In general, processing time to get the dynamic email is bit too long. It is taking few mins to get. I hope to see improvement to shorten the process time.

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This was not documented, so we tested quickly.

The question is “If the data change made on Dynamic Email body is going to trigger another BOT which is set to trigger on change?”

The answer was “Yes”

This is awesome, bot is listenig to data change event made through dynamic email.



Need you help / suggestion on dynamic email.

I havae created one simple dynamic email to Approve or Reject inventory. Dynamic email gives excellent feature to Approve or Reject from the email itself and data gets updated in the sheets accordingly.

Can I put expiry to the dynamic email. Eg. Once I approve inventory in the email, that email should no longer be accessible or basically user should not be able to change the value again. It should then become a read only field.

Please help.

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Thanks for this context @tsuji_koichi, we’ll be looking into supporting these use cases for Dynamic Emails. Thank you as well for all your other feedback, I’ll be looking through the requested features you mentioned below as well.

Excellent questions! For restricting to users: we want to ensure anyone accessing your app from an email is allowed to access it for security reasons. For restrictiong to non gmail: we will be looking into supporting this in the future.

Great point! We’re looking into supporting this capability (sending outside of domain or to any app user) for Dynamic Emails down the road.

Unfortunately, due to limitations with AMP Email technology, we don’t have plans to support this feature outside of Google Workspace / Gmail as of yet.

Glad to hear your this works for your use case! One way to do this would be to add a row filter that makes the row inaccessible once it is approved (e.g: add filter that only makes unapproved rows accessible):

Or you can configure the table’s Edit action with an expression that doesn’t let the user edit once the row has been approved.

Please do let me know if that addresses your use case!



my main appsheet account is, i have another account which is a google workplace domain. I therefore gave my google workplace account a Co-Authored ability, however, I still can’t see the dynamic email feature ( I have set the preview program mode on ).

any advice?


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I’ve downloaded their sample app and it works somehow on my @gmail domain so that’s why ik confused

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Just found out this feature while I was creating a email bot

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Dear Mr. Sarmad Hashmi,

This is not working for me. My colleague Aksha has shared more details by email. Can you please check and revert.

So just to clarify, accounts cannot use the feature or receive Dynamic Emails. You would need to create a new app with your workspace account for now to see the feature.

Once you have created the app with your workspace account and enabled Dynamic Emails, recipients that can receive Dynamic Emails are the one in your workspace account domain.

Let me know if that helps clarify!


Could you share the row filter condition you used and the view that is based on that slice?

In your slice you would want to have a row filter that is something like [Approved] = false which means only rows that are not Approved are accessible for that slice.

In a Dynamic Email with a view selected that is based on that slice, you will notice that once you have marked a row as approved, if you try re-submitting or re-opening the email— it will show an error that the row is inaccessible.


Thank you for pointing this out! The sample app has special permissions to send Dynamic Emails to even domains so this is an exception and it does not apply to other apps.