Announcing Dynamic Emails in Preview Program: interact with apps directly from your email


So i created a new appsheet acount with my google workspace and it does work within my domain.

Very good feature, for now it saves me time defining and building apps to end users where all i need is for them to interact with small chunks of data.

When would forms be available?

Very happy to hear that! Please do share your feedback as you use this feature.

Form Views are already supported for Dynamic Emails today. Was there something specific you had in mind?

I wanted to use a form but got an error as some columns are ref columns that are not supported

Not a very good sample if it demonstrates behavior impossible to reproduce. This is a bad decision.



Our Apps run with a google workspace account. Could I let the Emails send to this account and then define a forward rule to forward it to a Microsoft 365 account? (This Microsoft 365 account is a user of our app.) Could he receive and interact with the email?

I tested the similar arrangement, but it wont work.

Same here

Hi @Fabian,

Dynamic Emails, when forwarded, no longer render the dynamic content (i.e: app view) of the email. Users will instead see a static email with a link to the app.

From the help center article Dynamic Email limitations section:

If you forward a dynamic email, the dynamic portion of the email will no longer render and users will have to navigate to the app to edit fields.