Announcing ... Integromat now includes Integration with AppSheet!

This might have been announced in the Community before. I know I saw it somewhere but I couldn’t find a post for it. Never hurts to be over-notified!!

Integromat now has AppSheet modules available that will allow scenarios to perform certain actions directly into your AppSheet app. A great to funnel information into your app from a wide number of external sources!

Below are the list of available modules.

I have not yet used any of them and won’t have time for a while so I can’t answer any questions about them. Good luck!!


Amazing !

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That’s great, anyone has an idea of what could be some use cases for these?


Plug and play! Small moonwalker


The sky is the limit! There are many, MANY external sources to integrate with. Integromat is much like Zapier in this regard.

As an example, I have a scenario running that inspects incoming email for a client, picks out certain Work Order emails, extracts the data from the email body and inserts not only the Work Order data row but also Client and Address data rows if not already present. This was before the AppSheet integration so it was inserted into the Google sheet to reflect in the app on the next Sync. This method does NOT trigger any Bots for notifications.

With the AppSheet integration, I can change the scenario to use the AppSheet Insert/Edit modules. This should allow triggering of Bots such as a Push notification of a new Work Order, etc.



Here are some examples what I’m doing with Integromat

Before, I used a HTTP request at the end of the scenarios to send data directly to the AppSheet API (not Google Sheet). This can now be done with the new AppSheet module.
So there are no new possibilities. It’s just more user friendly.