Annoying issue where period is automatically inserted after typing 2 spaces

Recently, I found that when typing in Community posts, a period is constantly being inserted anytime I type two spaces. I was going to just let it go but…

I found today that the app expression editor is ALSO automatically inserting a period when 2 spaces are typed…after some other non-white space character. Since I like to format my expressions into multiple lines aligning certain parts of the expression for readability, the insertion of the period is slowing down expression editing as I have to go back and remove it or deal with trouble-shooting an error if I didn’t notice it entered in the first place.

Please turn off this feature. I assume it’s a feature. Otherwise, please fix this bug as soon as you can.

I’m not experiencing this at all from my PixelBook with an external keyboard. I’d expect to experience it were I using the software keyboard on the PixelBook or my phone.

Ok. Good to know. Maybe its something at my end I inadvertently turned on. I’ll check.

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Yep, this was a setting on my iMac. Don’t know how I turned it on. Updated the post title and removed bug tag.


I almost replied earlier, because I know my iPhone does exactly that. But figured that you probably were not running the editor on a phone.