Annual Countdown

Hey All,

Very new to appsheet. I want to create an app that deducts 1 from an initial value each year.

It’s to help us manage the state of our physical equipment.

Do you have any ideas how this could be done?

Totally green I’m afraid


Can you share the table to understand better ?

Hey Rifad,

its just a single cell in google sheets that starts with the number 5, I want it to reduce by 1 each year.

when it gets to 1 I will send and email saying we need to replace equipment in 12 months.


Do you have a table of equipment besides just the single column in a google sheet?

I would think that rather than a count down have an equipment table with a ‘Replace_By_Date’ column and then have the email workflow based on a date filter or better yet a slice of the equipment table with replacement date being this year.

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Hey Markus,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have an asset register form to record detail. Make/model/location etc.

One of the options is “condition 1-5”, the number being how many years until end of Life.

My thought was when the number hits 1, we could have an email suggesting we need to replace equipment.