Another functionality that I would find usefu...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Another functionality that I would find useful is that in each view, each slice, each table, etc. There would be a comment field. This field would not be seen anywhere in the application. Its only function would be to document the specific function of that section. For example. So that a slice with a complex formula was created and not have to analyze what the formula does and deduce what it is for. Especially in app with many tables and views, after the time elapsed and when wanting to make modifications or adaptations. As an app is used, new needs arise, and it grows and becomes complex. Does anyone else find this proposal useful?

(Michael) #2

I too would like to see this feature. Description fields are in adequate to document the entire application. Especially if multiple developers are or may work on the app at different times. For instance, if my current role here within my company changes, the person taking over my current responsibilities would appreciate the applications having internal documentation rather than having to refer to the external documentation that I currently use.