ANSI instead of UTF-8 in workflow with exporting of xml template

Hi, Community,

Do you know is it possible to change encoding XML template for a workflow from utf-8 to ANSI?
(I have used created the template created automatically by Appsheet).

Thank you!


Why do you stick with XML template rather than Google doc based template which can do the same or more than XML based template? Furthermore, set ups for template with Google Docs are far more easy and efficient rather than othe file type of template.

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Hello Tsuji,

it’s a request from our provider for other company system which needs finally xml after some trials, for its workflow. Works well, but we’re facing encoding problems.

Thank you for your sugestion.

Unforunately, I have zero experience with xml template with appsheet, so no suggestion from my end, but hopefully someone else in the community have idea.