Anti Forgery Token Error on Sync

My users periodically get an anti-forgery token exception. System.Web.Mvc.HttpAntiForgeryException. We have seen this on mobile devices and on the desktop in a browser. Since this does not happen every time on a particular device, I doubt that this is a cookie setting or something specific to a device. Is there some sort of behavior that might cause this?


We have seen a small number of users getting errors like this when trying to switch accounts with an app open. The fix is to kill the app.


On IOS, the solution has been to uninstall and reinstall in order to force a fresh login.

One user had the same Error on iPhone SE.
He had to uninstall 2 times the AppSheet App to get rid of this Error.

Clearing the Cache (for Android) should be all that’s required to fix it. Apple does not give a similar option.

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I assume you mean the Chrome browser cache. Or is it the default browser cache? I imagine that the AppSheet app uses the native browser and its cookies. We have a mix of devices that use Silk (Fire Tablets) Galaxy Tabs, iPhones and iPods.

I’d like to have a “don’t do that” list for our users. I suspect that they’ve signed into gmail or iTunes or something.

If its Android device and you are using the Android AppSheet app, the app itself has its own cache. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t always clear the cache.

Really? I didn’t know that :flushed:


I generally recommend clearing of app data and cache first, before uninstall and reinstall provided an uninstallation is explicitly necessary