Any Chatbot experts in the house? I have dep...

Any Chatbot experts in the house?

I have deployed a couple of Chatbots to Facebook Messenger and they are working well.

My intention is to make these public but I am truly struggling with Facebook for Developers (as a Developer I am not!)

I have followed the instructions in the documents section and everything is clear but I simply do not understand the jargonistic language on the Facebook Developer site which has had me going in circles for days now.

Does anyone know what I need to do to request for a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to be approved by Facebook please?

Many Thanks Dallas

Following… I know nothing

I made an example too. But test users of Facebook saying that it is not working and they are not able to get response from chatbot.
All is fine on my side and it is working. I do not understand what wrong i did.
Can you help me to finalize it?

Are you using webhooks to trigger a response from the Chatbot?

Yes. That is true.
Sorry for the late response.